Zengarden Spa : North Sumatra, Indonesia

Step off the urban grind and into your own sanctuary in the heart of Medan. Zengarden is a peaceful and serene sanctuary devoted to nurturing harmony and relaxation through the healing powers of therapeutic touch.

Each treatment at Zengarden is customized to address individual concerns and uses the most effective products and techniques.

The staff has been carefully selected and represents the very best in their respective fields. Countless hours have been spent refining the small details that will collectively produce an unmistakable energy.

The result is an environment with intimate essence of nature that you will hopefully consider to be your retreat and a place to refresh and renew.

Let go of your stress and worry – treat yourself to personalized service and rejuvenating massages and treatments at Zengarden

Zengarden Spa
Address: Jalan S Parman No 22 / 272 Medan, Indonesia
Phone: +62 61 4519306 Website: http://zengarden.co.id

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