Yunnan Chinese Cultural Center (Suntichon Village) : Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Yunnan Chinese Cultural Center (Suntichon Village) is located in Wiang Tai Sub-district, 4.5 kilometers away from Pai District of Mae Hong Son, near Wat Nam Hu, the Yunnan Cultural Village or Suntichon Village is a village of Chinese immigrants from Yunnan and also a tourist destination offering the preserved unique cultures of Yunnan such as clothing and language. Similar to as it is in China, the village portrays the atmosphere of a Chinese Yunnanese town with all the architecture decorated in Yunnan style.

The most outstanding sight is a bright colored dragon creeping up a pole on top of a huge dark rock, inscribed with Chinese words. The villagers live in bright orange clay houses. Apart from walking around experiencing the way of life of Yunnan people, another interesting activity that tourists can do is to go up the hill tribe swing that is similar to Thai Ferris wheel. A person needs to pay 25 baht to go up the swing that can take up to four people. Tourists can also ride a horse, around the rock for 50 baht per 3 rounds, and entering the village for 300 baht per 1 hour. Photo lovers can rent Chinese costume and take pictures at various spots. For lunch, tourists can enjoy Yunnan Chinese food at a restaurant inside the village.

Moreover, there is also the Yunnan Chinese Culture Center. At the village, tourists should try the famous dish of the Yunnan which is pork hocks with buns. There is also a souvenir shop selling goods such as shoes, clothes, tea, dried fruits and processed food products. Guest houses are provided for tourists who want to fully experience the Yunnan lifestyle. Apart from being a tourist attraction, Yunnan Cultural Village or the Yunnan Chinese Culture Center aims to develop the community and preserve the Yunnan Chinese cultures at the village for jobs and better living of the people.

Yunnan Chinese Cultural Center (Suntichon Village)
Location: 77/1 Wiang Tai, Pai District, Mae Hong Son 58130 Thailand

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