Xventure Enterprise Whitewater Rafting Tour : Selangor, Malaysia

Since our first company opening on 2010, Xventure Enterprise receive an excellent response from our rafters. Safety is our first priority. All trip leaders have a minimum of 5 years river experience. Our guides are highly skilled oarsmen with a great respect for the river and its elements.

Each is thoroughly trained in river safety and keeps a sharp eye out to ensure that all passengers are enjoying their trip in a safe manner. We have an extraordinary safety record and we are one of the few outfitters that require a comprehensive Lower Rogue River training trip every spring.

We work very hard to maintain that safety record with ongoing training and developing better and safer ways to do things.

Xventure Enterprise Whitewater Rafting Tour
Address: No.1032,Kampung Jelutong Tambahan, 44100 Kalumpang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Handphone : 012 4653307 E-mail : xtr_adventure@yahoo.com Website : www.malaysia-whitewater-rafting.com

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