Win Sein Taw Ya : Mon State, Myanmar

Win Sein Taw Ya is the largest reclining Buddha in the world, and at 30 meters high and 180 meters in length can be seen for miles.

Located opposite of the Buddhist shrine of Kyauktalon Taung, the reclining Buddha is filled with rooms that showcase dioramas of the teachings of Buddha and a shrine. When visiting the giant Buddha it should be remembered that despite the odd novelty of walking into a giant head, it is still a place of worship, and shoes should be removed before entering the shrine.

After almost 15 years of construction, the reclining Buddha is still not complete. In 2012, construction started on a second reclining Buddha opposite the original, with the aim of being built to stand the test of time. The poor concrete construction of the first has left the original with an uncertain future.

Win Sein Taw Ya
Location: Mon State, Myanmar (Burma)

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