White Elephant Pagoda : Battambang, Cambodia

Wat Tahm Rai Saw, or the “White Elephant Pagoda”, is a relatively modern Buddhist temple in Battambang. The temple was built in the mid-nineteenth century during the time when the area was ruled by Siam and renovated many times, The main Eastern gate is flanked by near-life sized sculptures of white elephants. One of them carries a young prince worshiped by several women, a scene from Buddha’s early life before he became enlightened. Several other statues like this are along the eastern side of the chapel.

Wat Tahm-rai-saw (White Elephant Pagoda), Battambang is one of the frequently accessed tourist spots that is situated in the city center area. This famous temple is located in one of the busy districts of the city which can be convenient to access making this temple one of the prime Battambang attractions. Wat Tahm-rai-saw (White Elephant Pagoda), Battambang is a temple which is known for its elaborate architectural structure.

If you are to visit this popular tourism destination, you are to take one of the roads known to be Road 2 or Road 3. Road 2 is comparatively busier than Road 3. There are road side shops and eateries that you will be getting as you take one of the two roads. Also, being located close to the city center area, there are many hotels and lodging destinations that you will be getting in this part of the city. So, it is quite easy for the tourists staying in this region to pay a visit to this temple.

The best time to visit the White Elephant Pagoda in Battambang is during the time of Khmer New Year festival. It is during this time that the temple and the adjacent streets are particularly decorated with various colorful accessories making it more beautiful. You will like to take part in this important festival of the place as well as enjoy the gorgeous artistic sculptures and brilliant architectural designs. These elaborate designs make it one of the really worth visiting sites in Cambodia.

White Elephant Pagoda (Damrey Sor Pagoda)
Address: Krong Battambang, Cambodia
Phone: +855 70 367 873

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