Wat Wang Khanai Thayikaram Hot Spring : Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Wat Wang Khanai, the location of a mineral water pond in Kanchanaburi, was analyzed and proven by Kasetsart University, Kamphaengsan Campus, as a place with many minerals in the water. The place is suitable for those with paralysis, beriberi, physical weakness, or those with acnes, blemish, dermatitis, bone pains. Then, 57 ponds have been built for visitors to soak in the water.

Wat Wang Khanai Thayikaram Hot Spring is located in Wang Khanai Subdistrict, at Wat Wang Khanai Thayikaram. In 1997, Department of Mineral Resources excavated a pond at the temple and found that the temperature of the pond was 42 degrees Celsius, so it recommended the temple to use this water for body washing. Later, the hot water was analyzed and it was proven that there were many minerals beneficial to body contained in the water. Currently, there are about 55 ponds, including standing, sitting, and soaking ponds.

Wat Wang Khanai Thayikaram Hot Spring
Location: Wang Khanai, Tha Muang, Kanchanaburi 71110 Thailand

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