Wat Tako : Ayutthaya, Thailand

Tako Temple is widely known as the place where Luang Pho Ruai, a famous monk of Ayutthaya, stays. Amulets and sacred objects consecrated by Luang Pho Ruai have been famous because this monk has had experiences in several fields and has been strictly adherent to the teachings of Lord Buddha. First, he had ordained as a novice at Tako until he reached the age to ordain to enter monkshood at Tako Temple as well. He is a developmental monk who has been developing Tako Temple for many decades.

Phrakhru Sunthonthamwinit (Luang Pho Ruai Pasathiko) passed away in A.D. 2017, at the age of 95 years and 76 years in monkshood. His disciples kept his body for 100 days. When they opened the coffin on 30th October A.D. 2018, they found out that the body of Luang Pho did not decay. Thus, they kept the body in a glass coffin inside Mahathat Pasathiko Pagoda so that disciples and people can pay homage.

The beautiful Mahathat Pagoda of Tako Temple was began to be constructed in A.D. 2014. On 13th May A.D. 2014, Mr. Witthaya Phieuphong, the governor of Ayutthaya Province and Phrakhru Sunthonthamwinit (Luang Pho Ruai Pasathiko) presided over the ceremony to lay the consecrated plate to be the sign of the beginning of the construction of Mahathat Pagoda which was designed by Wanda Phuengsunthon, National Artist in Thai Architecture, together with Assistant Professor Bancha Chumkeson, Dr. Ong-at Hudakon, Tawan Wirakun, lecturers from Silpakorn University, as a big and prominent pagoda inside the temple. The area around the pagoda is the free space to welcome people who come to pay homage to the body of Luang Pho Ruai. The pagoda has two stories. The ground floor is the base, which is a huge hall in which the glass coffin that keeps Luang Pho Ruai’s body, opened daily from 9:00 to 16:00. Floor two is the pagoda and is not opened. Mahathat Pasathiko Pagoda is very beautiful.

Wat Tako
Location: Don Ya Nang, Phachi District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13140 Thailand

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