Wat Saman Ratanaram : Chachoengsao, Thailand

Wat Saman is located near Bangpakong Dam. The interior of the Ganesh is enshrined. Most people in Thailand are worshiped. There are also museums within the temple. A collection of stories about the temple and Ganesh history for tourists to study.

At Wat Saman Rattanaram in Chachoengsao, there is a giant Reclining Ganesha which is said to be the biggest in Thailand if not the world. It is 16 meters high and 22 meters long. Ganesha is a Hindu deity and has an elephant head and four arms. Images of Ganesha are widely seen across India and Nepal. There are thirty two popular iconographic forms of Ganesha and all of them can be seen around the base of this Reclining Ganesha.

At the same temple there is also a floating market which has plenty of stalls selling a variety of food. You can also join boat tours. There is enough to do at this temple to spend a morning.

Wat Saman Ratanaram
Address: Thanon O Bo To Chachoengsao 2012, Kon Kaeo, Mueang Chachoengsao District, Chachoengsao 24000 Thailand

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