Wat Sai Khao : Pattani, Thailand

Wat Sai Khao was situated along Sai Khao National Park and Sai Khao Waterfall of Khok Pho district, Pattani province. And as such, Sai Khao National Park and Sai Khao Waterfall has become a perfect location and preference for monks practicing their routine meditation.

It’s the serenity of this natural forest location, where Buddhist monks practices their mind to self-induces a mode of consciousness by conveying indulgences to others, Meditation often involves invoking or cultivating a feeling or internal state, such as the beginning of mindfulness of sharing and to concentrate on a specific focal point.

Wat Sai Khao
Address: 31/4 4072, Sai Khao, Khok Pho District, Pattani 94120 Thailand
Phone: 093 675 2711

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