Wat Rah Tahn Ah Rahm : Ratanakiri, Cambodia

The Wat Rah-Tahn-Ah-Rahm (Reclining Buddha), Ratanakiri is a well known spot for travelers coming to this northeastern Cambodian province. This is one of the noted Tourist Attractions in Ratanakiri that attracts hordes of visitors every year. The Wat Rah-Tahn-Ah-Rahm (Reclining Buddha), Ratanakiri.

If you follow the road towards Stung just over half a kilometer, turn right on the dirt road that leads up to a temple area. The main temple of the Wat Rah-Tahn-Ah-Rahm (Reclining Buddha), Ratanakiri is located on this level. If you continue to walk on the road that goes upward at the rear of the temple for just over another half a kilometer, you will come to the area on the summit of the hill. There is a reclining Buddha resting on the apex. From here, you can enjoy the nice view of the countryside and the mountains off in the distance.

The Wat Rah-Tahn-Ah-Rahm (Reclining Buddha) in Ratanakiri is complemented by the presence of Phnom Svay. The Rah-Tahn-Ah-Rahm (Reclining Buddha) is also known as the Wat Aran, which sits at the foot of the Eisey Patamak Mountain about 1 km east of the Ratanakiri town. Travelers can follow the road past the temple, or wat and scale up the mountain. Just below the crest, is located the large statue of the reclining Buddha amongst a striking view of the neighboring countryside.

The Wat Rah-Tahn-Ah-Rahm (Reclining Buddha), Ratanakiri is located in the sparsely populated province, a haven for the biologists and adventurers. It is well known for its natural beauty and wealth of natural resources. The sheer quietude of the place is a blessing in itself. Do drop in to the site of the Wat Rah-Tahn-Ah-Rahm (Reclining Buddha), Ratanakiri for a breathtaking experience.

Wat Rah Tahn Ah Rahm
Location: Ratanakiri, Cambodia

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