Wat Phutthathiwat : Yala, Thailand

Wat Phutthathiwat is located on a hill in downtown Betong around Wat Phutthathiwat on Ratthanakit Road. The pagoda is built in the applied Si Wichai style. It is tall and gold with a height of 39.9 meters in which it contains the Buddha’s relics.

Wat Phutthathiwat is located on 65, Ratthakit Road, Moo 1, Betong Sub-District, Betong District, Yala Province under the affiliation of Maha Nikai ministry. The location of the temple is a high hill that slants down northward. The area of the temple is divided into 5 floors.

Wat Phutthathiwat is elegantly established on the hill with the outstanding Phra That Chedi Phra Phuttha Dhamma Prakat with beautiful artistry in the applied Si Wichai style. The Buddha’s relics are contained in Maha That Chedi.

Wat Phutthathiwat
Address: Betong District, Yala 95110 Thailand

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