Wat Phrathat Mae Yen : Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Wat Phra That Mae Yen is located on the hill, in the east, behind Mae Yen village. At the back of Phra Ubosot is a chedi. There was no obvious evidence on the time it was built. From this point, visitors can get a whole striking view of Amphoe Pai; from houses to rice fields. If coming here in the evening, you will have a chance to admire the sunset with Doi Jong Jik hill as the beautiful natural background. Phra That Mae Yen is a landmark for air passengers that they already enter Amphoe Pai. This temple has stood in Amphoe Pai for a long time. Located on the hill, in the east side of Amphoe Pai, it is 2 kilometers away from the District Office.

To travel there, just drive pass the entrance to Mae Yen waterfall around 100 meters. From the trailhead, the visitors can choose between two methods to go up there. To illustrate, driving is a comfortable way, or climbing up the Naga staircase is also an interesting way of exercise. Wat Phra That Mae Yen has a peaceful, serene atmosphere, suitable for admiring a vast panoramic view of Amphoe Pai. The perfect time to appreciate the scenery is during the dawn, and the sunset. There has been no evidences on when Phra That was built. Within the temple area, there are only Phra Ubosot, and a 3-meter-high white bell-shaped chedi, with a round pedestal, and the outstanding umbrella-shaped top in Burmese style. Tourists usually come up to see the view, and worship the Reclining Buddha image before their back trips. Normally, tourists usually climbed up to Wat Phra That in the evening in order to get a charming scenery of Amphoe Pai.
From this point, visitors can get a whole view of the town. Since the temple is located not far from the town, the idea to cycle here is possible. As you arrive at Wat Phra That Mae Yen, you must climb up quite a long staircase. Anyway, don’t worry, since around the area, there are postcard shops, and restaurants for food and beverages where you can drop by to boost your energy before a trip back home. Transportation: From Amphoe Pai in the town, take the route to Tambon Mae-Hee. Then, cross Pai river. Drive straight along the way. You will find a ‘turn left’ signboard, which will lead to Wat Phra That Mae Yen.

Wat Phrathat Mae Yen
Location: Mae Hi, Pai, Mae Hong Son 58130 Thailand

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