Wat Phra Thaen Si La At : Uttaradit, Thailand

Wat Phra Thaen Si La At, formerly called Wat Maha That, is located on NernKhao Tao hill, Ban Phra Than, Thung Yang sub-district, Lablae district, Uttaradit province, next to Wat Phra Yuen Phuttabat Yukon which is located on the east on the same hill.

This ancient temple was built by an unknown person during Sukhothai period. PhraThanSila At (a stone seat) is Phutthachedi like Phra Than Dong Rang. It is believed that Phra Thaen Si La At was sat by the 5 Buddhas to practice meditation. The stone seat measures over three meters in length, its base patterned with sacred lotus petals.

Today, Phra Thaen Si La At Temple is promoted as a second class royal monastery and the government used the Phra Thaen Si La At as the emblem of Uttaradit province to express the faith of people and the importance of Phra Thaen Si La At.

Wat Phra Thaen Si La At
Address: Thung Yang, Laplae District, Uttaradit 53210 Thailand

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