Wat Phra Borommathat Sawi : Chumphon, Thailand

Wat Phra That Sawi in Sawi District in Chumphon Province is an important temple of Sawi District that Sawi District residents revere and is considered 1 of the 3 Buddha’s relics in the southern region. The stupa is a golden-bell-shaped-pagoda. It is assumed to be built in the Ayutthaya period.

The legend says that Phra Chao Si Thammasokkarat was entrenched in Sawi District and a peculiar incident occurred. Many crows flew around the ruined brick remains. His Majesty then ordered to remove the bricks, found the Buddha’s relics in the casket and ordered to build the pagoda to contain the Buddha’s relics. Later, there was a significant restoration and the construction of the new pagoda to cover the old one. From the past to present, the Buddha’s relics are over 700 years old and has been the spiritual attachment for a long period of time.

Every year, there is a robe changing ceremony for Phra Borommathat Sawi on Asalha Puja Day which is a sacred ceremony that the villagers place a great importance. It certainly brings delight to the people in Chumphon Province and Sawi District.

Wat Phra Borommathat Sawi
Address: Sawi District, Chumphon 86130 Thailand

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