Wat Phothisat Banphot Nimit : Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Wat Phothisat Banphot Nimit is situated at Tambon Nong Ya. This temple is in the Lanna style since Khruba Bunkhum Pasanno, the abbot who was a disciple of a well-known monk master in the North, made a pilgrimage in Cambodia’s and Myanmar’s forests until reaching Kanchanaburi province. Therefore, he began to build a temple in order to propagate and practice the Dharma, and worship sacred objects.

In the temple’s area, there is a huge Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) carved out of white jade, the Siri Mongkhon Chai Chedi in the Lanna style, and shady decorated areas. Every September, there is a ceremony to show gratitude to teachers in the Lanna style, including a Tung and Saliang procession, which is the big annual fair of the temple.

To get there: It is 9 kilometres from the city; pass Wat Tham Khao Pun.

Wat Phothisat Banphot Nimit
Location: ong Ya, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000 Thailand

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