Wat Phiphat Mongkhon : Sukhothai, Thailand

Wat Phiphat Mongkhon is where the golden Sukhothai-style Buddha image, made of 9-kilogramme gold, or Phra Phutthasukhophothong, in the subduing Mara attitude, is enshrined.

Wat Phiphat Mongkhon supposedly was a royal temple established in the Vien Mok era (around 1129 A.D.). It is one of the important temples in Sukhothai and was constructed on the old temple’s area. This temple consists of Ubosot (Ordination Hall), Viharn (Buddha images Hall), school, kitchen and the meditation garden. The sacred objects in the temple consist of many Sukhothai Buddha images, which was unearthed in that construction period, and Buddha’s relics which is from Sri La Ka.

Wat Phiphat Mongkhon
Location: 464 Thung Saliam, Thung Saliam District, Sukhothai 64150 Thailand

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