Wat Kudee Dao : Ayutthaya, Thailand

Wat Kudee Dao is a duo temple with Wat Mahaeyong, so we can identificated that Wat Kudi Dao was a very important temple in the past as well. Wat Kudee Dao is an old temple, the creation of the beautiful of the ruins of the lotus pillars and the top of the pagoda are broken down. Even to ruin, but still reflects the beauty of the past.

It is not a definite that who created it. Getting to Wat Kudi Dao is quite easy. From the junction to the north of the circular pagoda, Wat Sam Pluem about 1 km to the temple, which is located on the left hand side. The construction of the temple is not clear. It appears in the north annals. Phraya Dhammiggaraj, the son of King Sai Nam Phung, was created in 671 AD, and his queen created Wat Mahaeyong to be the couple of his Wat. In the words of Khun Luang for the temple, King Borommaraja built the temple of Kudi Dao (Kuti Tawa) and Pra Phumintaratipavadee create Wat Mahaeyong. But the record of the Ayutthaya chronicles said that Somdej Pr Boromrajatiraj (Chao Sam Phraya) created Wat Mahaeyong, and no mention of the Wat Kudi Dao. Until the late Ayutthaya period, the rebuilding of Wat Mahaeyong during the reign of King Tai Sra the appearance of the story of Wat Kudi Dao.

It is believed that Wat Gudi Dao may have been built in the same way as Wat Mahaeyong or after Wat Mahaeyong, and is still one of the great temples in the area called “Ayothaya”. According to the annals of Ayutthaya told, when the King Tai Sra reconstructed Wat Mahaeyong, a few years later, His brother, Somdej krom Pra Rajwangbawornsatanmonkol restorated of the Wat Kudi Dao which is located opposite site to follow by the example of His brother. Choosing the Wat Kudi Dao to be the couple of Wat Mahaeyong shows that the Wat Kudi Dao was built a long time ago. It was the important large temple but the condition was not good the same as Wat Mahaeyong.

Wat Kudee Dao
Location: 19 Soi Patone 19 Pratu Chai Sub-district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13000 Thailand

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