Wat Kaew Prasert : Chumphon, Thailand

Wat Kaew Prasert is located at Ban Tha-add, Moo 7, Pak Klong, Pathew district, Chumphon, 52 km from the town. At this temple, there is the largest brass Ganesh in the world.

There is religious place, quiet, and beautiful. In front of the temple, there is Kuan Im statue with 9.99 m in height. At the base, there is Chinese god for worship and make merit. Next to the Kuan Im statue, there is Prince of Chumphon and Ganesh statues. We can sea a nice ocean view from the temple.

Wat Kaew Prasert
Location: Moo 7, Pak Khlong, Pathio District, Chumphon 86210 Thailand

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