Wat Chang Lom : Sukhothai, Thailand

Wat Chang Lom is a large Buddhist temple in the central zone of Si Satchanalai Historical Park. Its name translates to “temple surrounded by elephants”. The temple found close to the center of the old walled town near the Yom river was founded in the 14th century during the Sukhothai period.

Wat Chang Lom comprises of a large Singhalese style principal bell shaped chedi, two viharns and a subsidiary chedi. The square temple area is surrounded by a laterite wall with an entrance gate on the East side.

A number of archeologists believe the Wat Chang Lom is the temple mentioned in Stone inscription No 1. The inscription mentions that King Ramkhamhaeng dug up Buddha relics in Si Satchanalai. After paying homage to them the King reburied the relics and had a chedi built over them in 1285.

Wat Chang Lom
Location: Mueang Kao, Mueang Sukhothai District, Sukhothai 64210 Thailand

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