Wang Buadaeng : Nongkhai, Thailand

Wang Buadaeng is rich in many kinds of freshwater fish such as snakehead fish, white fish, Tapian fish and Pla gai fish. This is a perfect food source for local people.

The red lotus or Bua Sai, their flower are full on the water.In the Wang Buadaeng area, there are also numerous bird species and migrated a lot to Wang Bua Daeng. It is a natural attraction that can be visited during the winter time from November to January every year.

Wang Bua Daeng or Wang Bua Chompoo is located in Ban Phai Si Thong Tumbol Wiang Khuk District, Muang District, Nongkhai. It is a large natural swamp land. There are many lotus flowers blooming over 2 thousand rai. For those who love nature photography, please come here, you do not be disappointed. There are colorful lotus flower blooming like a red with pink carpet crabs the surface of water with the backdrop of lush green trees. The red lotus can be seen on blank or take a boat to the spot view, a house above the swamp. Bua Daeng is blooming during December to February. The beautiful lotus time must be cool weather (early morning until 10.00 am). If you go early, you will see many kinds of birds.

Wang Buadaeng
Address: Wiang Khuk, Mueang Nong Khai, Nong Khai 43000 Thailand

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