Virachey National Park : Ratanakiri, Cambodia

Virachey National Park is a national park in north-eastern Cambodia. Although partly protecting flora and fauna of international conservation priority, the park is under serious threat from illegal logging in the region.

Virachey National Park is one of the top priority areas for conservation in Southeast Asia. The park is located in Ratanakiri and Stung Treng Provinces in northeastern Cambodia covering an area of 3,325 kmĀ² and protecting flora and fauna of international conservation priority.

The streams from the mountains of Virachey National Park contribute significantly to the flow of the Mekong river. A high percentage of ethnic minority peoples live around the park.

Virachey National Park was created under the Royal Decree Concerning the Creation and Designation of Protected Areas, issued on the 1st of November 1993, and is managed by the Ministry of Environment.

Virachey National Park
Location: Ratanakiri, Cambodia

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