Tusita Wellness Resort : Chumphon, Thailand

Thailand AccommodationsTusita Wellness Resort, a new rebranding wellness destination for rejuvenating your health as well as your beauty and mind based on the concept of balancing with the four elements; earth, water, air and fire according to the Thai Traditional Medicine and Nutrition.

All things in the world can be divided into four vibrational families and the elements of Earth, water, air and Fire. In the body, these four Elements represent the four major organs – the kidneys, the Liver, the spleen/stomach/pancreas and the lungs – all of which are necessary for survival. Usually, one of these organs is stronger than the others giving extra energy to that organ and helping people to behave in certain ways and clearly influences personality and lifestyle choices – things like food preferences, fun, fashion, decorating, sleeping, playing, etc. And, one of the organs is usually slightly deficient and needs building up. When you are strong in one element, you usually need to build up the other elements to find balance.

Balance our lives with delicious and healthy food, the other major concept of Tusita Wellness Resort is based on the principle of ancient Thai Traditional Medicine where food was the first and best medicine with recipes to balance our health, beauty and mind: “You are what you eat”.

Tusita Wellness Resort
Address: 259/9 Moo1, Paktako, Tungtako, Chumphon, 86220, Thailand
Phone: +66 (0) 77 630 920 , +66 (0) 77 510 452 Fax: +66 (0) 77 579 050
Email: info@tusitawellness.com Website: https://www.tusitawellness.com

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