Toko Oen Restaurant : Central Java, Indonesia

Toko “OEN” is one among of the oldest family-owned restaurants that is still being run and managed by the direct descendants of the founders. It was originally begun in around 1910 in Yogyakarta by mrs. Liem Gien Nio (Grandma Oen / (Dutch: “Oma Oen”), wife of mr. Oen Tjoen Hok (Grandpa Oen / Dutch: “Opa Oen”). The name has literal meaning of “Oen’s Cookies Store”.

The dishes at Toko “OEN” Semarang are still prepared and done as if it is being prepared by Grandma Oen herself back then. The restaurant is also having the status from the menu which is a classic Dutch Colonial-style: the uitsmijter, huzarensalade, kaasstengels, and so on. For the nostalgic tutti-frutti, people are coming from near and far to Semarang. If we would have a Michelin Guide in Indonesia, they would quote this as “It is worth the detour!”.

Toko Oen Restaurant
Address: Jl. Pemuda No.52, Bangunharjo, Kec. Semarang Tengah, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50138, Indonesia
Tel: +62.24.3541683 / +62.838.388.88067 / pin:274F29D1 E-mail: Website:

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