Thung Talay Luang (Sukhothai Seagrass Field) : Thailand

Thung Thalay Luang is a heart-shaped lake located in Muang Sukhothai district, Sukhothai province. The project was initiated by King Bhumibhol, to solve the problems caused by floods and droughts in Sukhothai area. Also, this sacred place was built to unite Sukhothai people through love and harmony.

If the plane sailed through the highlands of Sukhothai. Then look down below. Believe that the image before the face will certainly shock. Heartland or heart-shaped island. It was created beautifully. The result of the project Monkey Cheek project. To solve the flood – drought. Because the river in the rainy season is very watery. In the dry season, almost no water. Consider the water barrier periodically. To divide the water into the existing natural canals both the left and right bank of the river Yom. Dredging can be carried out in natural ponds. The word “earth heart ” is derived from the idea of Somsak Thep Suthin, who wants to make this land a center of love of harmony of the people of Sukhothai. And linking love with the ancestors of the Sukhothai period to the present. Choosing the symbol of love is “heart “. The word holy land, Dr. Pansiri Kannasiri has conducted the ceremony. Collect and dissolve soil from every family in 843 villages. With the determination to join forces with the faith in Sukhothai that we will build this land to prosper.

It is the mascot of the Sukhothai people. Soil to support Rattanakosin Sukhothai, at the heart of the heartland of the sea on January 17, 2010 with the great merit that combines the power of faith of the Sukhothai brothers. So called this land “Holy land “and the heart also reflects the unity of the Sukhothai people. This is a great place to save people around the world.

Thung Talay Luang (Sukhothai Seagrass Field)
Location: Ban Kluai, Mueang Sukhothai District, Sukhothai 64000 Thailand

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