Thap Salao Dam : Uthaithani, Thailand

Khuean Thap Salao is a large irrigation dam constructed across Thap Salao Stream to create a reservoir with an attractive view. In the background, a mountain range dips and soars; to the south of the dam, there are deciduous dipterocarp forest and planted forest gardens.

Local people often visit during weekends for fun and recreation. There are convenience stores on site. Khuean Thap Salao is located in Mu 6, Tambon Rabam. From Amphoe Lan Sak, take Highway 3438 for about 15 kilometers. At Km. 47, turn at the intersection leading to Khuean Thap Salao for about 2 kilometers, which takes you to the sight-seeing point. If coming from the city, the entrance is on the left.

Thap Salao Dam
Location: Rabam, Lan Sak District, Uthai Thani 61160 Thailand

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