Tham Kong Lo Cave : Khammouane, Laos

Tham Kong Lo or Kong Lor Cave is a karst limestone cave in Phu Hin Bun National Park, in Khammouane Province, Laos. It is located roughly 130 kilometres north of Thakhek, on the Nam Hin Bun River, which flows into the cave.

Tham Kong Lo Cave (sometimes spelled Konglor Cave), hidden deep in the Phu Hin Bun wilderness of central Laos, is one of Southeast Asia‘s geological wonders.

Otherworldly stalactites, spooky limestone formations, and ceilings over 300 feet tall make this flooded cave a highlight and bragging-point for many travelers in Laos.

The Nam Hin Bun River flows through the cave, making it only accessible by small boats which must be hired from one of the river villages.

Tham Kong Lo Cave
Address: Main Rd, Thakhek, Khammouane, Laos
Phone: +856 20 22 183 838

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