Tham Khao Bin : Ratchaburi, Thailand

Tham Khao Bin is located in the area of the National Reserved Forest, 20 km. away from the province of Ratchaburi if you take along Highway 3087 RatchaburiChom Bueng and you will see a guidepost. The cave is about 200 meters over the sea and its entrance is 5 meters above the ground level. The cave is with beautiful stalactites looking like shapes of animals. At the end of the cave, you will see a stalagmite appearing like a large bird spreading the wings.

The depth from the entrance is about 300 meters with beautiful lighting along the way. It takes about 30-45 minutes to walk and there is also a small mineral pond which the villagers believe that is a holy pond.

The cave is divided into 8 rooms, each of which is named after the stalactites and stalagmites as follows: Visitor Hall, Sivasathan, Thananodat, Sakunchatkuha, Dhevasapha Samosornsathan, Kinnonthatsana, Pruksa Himmapan, and Thuaythep Park.

Tham Khao Bin
Address: Moo 11 Hin Kong, Muang Ratchaburi, Ratchaburi 70000 Thailand

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