Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park : Brunei

Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park declared as ASEAN heritage site in 1984. It is the largest black water lake in Brunei that was divided into two connected lakes with a total of 220 hectares.

Various rare fauna are found here, such as White-Collared Fruit Bats which are thought to be extinct, elusive Clouded Leopard, Red Leaf Monkey, Gibbon and rare flora such as Tiger Orchid, Nepenthes and etc. It has been recorded that there are over 200 bird species, 50 species of freshwater fishes and 83 mammal species.

Best way to experience Tasek Merimbun is by taking a spectacular lake cruise. Be amazed by the beautiful native plant such as Purun that grows wild in abundance in the lake. On top of that, learn about the mystery, myths and folklore of the lake! This tour was designed to start early morning or late afternoon for maximum experience of wilderness! A short trek to the trails – a wild uncultivated land which has a variety species of flora and fauna.

Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park
Location: Tutong District, Brunei

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