Taling Chan Floating Market : Bangkok, Thailand

Taling Chan Floating Market is located at Klong Chakpra, Talingchan District, Bangkok. It is easy to notice since the market is situated in front of the Talingchan district office. It is a combination between floating market and nature roaming. It is opened on weekends and holidays that are on Monday or Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Talingchan floating market is also known as Klong Chakpra.

The products here are mostly products from gardens in this area such as fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and a lot of food. Most of the products are similar to other markets however the fruit is changed seasonally. Another interesting thing about this market is it preserves the way of living of the people along the river bank. All the people here transport by using boats and all the stalls are located on the boat which is not like any other market. Moreover, there are also other activities for the tourists to choose such as water roaming by the long tailed boat to absorb the atmosphere of both river sides. There is only 1 round per day.

In addition, there are orchid tour, Buddha image worshipping, market touring and making merit program at Wat Koh Wai Luang Por Dum which is more than 312 years old. For animal lover, do not miss the Thonburi snake farm tour with the shows from both human and snake. There are also nice restaurants in this area such as restaurant on raft.

The tourists can travel here in many ways;
Personal car:Take the Baromrachonnee road to Krung Thon Bridge or Prapinklaobridge. If you come in the floyover from Rama 8 road or Pinklao, take the Talingchan exit pass Talingchan police station. Stay at the left lane and turn to Chimplee road and park at the Talingchan district office of near Wat Kanchanasinghat.
Bus:Take bus no.79 (Ratprasong – Puttamonton Sai 2) or no.83

Taling Chan Floating Market
Location: Khlong Chak Phra, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170 Thailand

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