Tad Lo Water Park : Salavanh, Laos

Break away from Pakse’s hordes and travel two hour on Route 20 to the Bolaven Plateau and Xe Set River, straddled by a cosy tourist cluster, the gateway to natural and cultural attractions in “Tad Lo Water Park”.

A short walk from the tourist village leads to the headliners, Tad Lo and Tad Hang Waterfalls gushing down the Xe Set, but that’s just the start.

Tad Lo Lodge offers short elephant treks, cyclers can visit ethnic villages and a conservation area; and the Tad Lo Information Centre offers treks to towering Tad Soung Falls, the stone caskets, Phou Tak Khao Viewpoint and Nine-Holes Cave.

Tad Lo Water Park
Location: Route 20, about 90 kilometers northeast of Pakse and 30 kilometers south of Salavanh Town, Laos.

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