Strawberry Park Resort : Cameron Highlands : Pahang, Malaysia

Nature created the beauteousness of Cameron Highlands. A refuge tucked away in the North East of the Pahang mountains, a never-ending pleasure astonishing all the senses of the mind. To see, smell, hear and touch the loveliness of Cameron Highlands is to harmonise with the purity of Mother Nature.

Strawberry Park Resort is the creation of an inspiration of Cameron Highlands. Strawberry Park Resort offers vacation rooms and exclusive recreational facilities and services against the “cool days of 21 degree Centigrade and colder nights of 10 degree Centigrade stretching the enjoyment of these hills in the tradition of Cameron Highlands”.

Strawberry Park Resort is a touch of mountain rustic with dash of city sophistication. Between these extremes, it is the Highlands’ most charming, truly beautiful set of vacation rooms, giving delight to its occupants.

Strawberry Park Resort
Address: Lot 195 & 196, Jalan Strawberry Park, Brinchang, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia
Tel: +605 491 1166 Fax: +605 491 1949 Email: Website:

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