StoneGrill Restaurant & Bar : Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Since then, Stonegrill has established itself in over 50 Countries worldwide and has become globally recognized as one of the healthiest ways to eat and enjoy the true natural flavors of quality meat and seafood. Stonegrill Cambodia was established to provide a unique, delicious, Healthy & interactive dining experience.

The Stone on which your meal is served is a lava stone that originated from the inside of a volcano in New Zealand. Specially designed ovens have preheated your stones to 400º degrees Celsius so please be careful not to touch them! When your meal is served, The first thing you should do is use you knife @fork to turn your meal in order to seal all the natural juices and flavors. Please allow 2 to 3 minutes for this. Then it is time to slice 1 or 2 bite size pieces @ lay them flat onto the stone until cooked to your personal taste. The stones are designed to be able to cook for up to 35 minutes so there’s plenty of time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your Stonegrill experience.


Stonegrill Restaurant & Bar
Address: Phnom Penh City Center, Phnom Penh 12201, Cambodia
Tel: +855 23 999 950 | +855 81 333 220 Website:

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