Sri Takua Pa Old Town : Phang Nga, Thailand

The old Sri Takua Pa district was once a trading area between Thai, Chinese, and Sino-Portugese peoples and was the main centre of the region’s then lucrative tin industry. The Chinese influence is easily noticeable, with several ancient Chinese temples and shrines scattered around the town. There are Chinese style lanterns and charming old houses. There is also traditional Sino-Porgugese architecture, especially near the main Sri Takua Pa street. This street hosts a good market every Sunday afternoon.

Nearby is the picturesque Sri Muang riverfront street, which hosts a market on Saturdays. Old Takua Pa holds a large vegetarian food festival called “Jia Kew Ong Chai”. It is held annually in September or October depending on the lunar calendar.

Last but not least, there are also several historic temples, shrines, Wats and other buildings to visit.

Some of the interesting sites include: Wat Khu Har Phimook (Wat Khuan Tham), Wat Na Mueng, Wat Sena Nucharangsan, Tao Ming school building, Wat Khiri Ket, Wat Senanoot Rangsan, Guan Ou shrine, and Baan Kun In.

Sri Takua Pa Old Town
Address: Bang Sai, Takua Pa District, Phang Nga 82110 Thailand

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