Song Thale Park : Songkhla, Thailand

Embark on a mission to search for the three parts of the Great Serpent Naga, as it is believed that those who pay homage to all three of them are blessed with good luck and prosperity. People in the southern region believe that the Great Serpent Naga is the deity of the divine creation of water and fertility of all living things.

The sculpture of the Great Serpent Naga was created to bring good fortune and prosperity to the people of Songkhla, but it is divided into three sections; the head, the body, and the tail. Strolling along the road shaded by pine trees at Suan Song Thale and you can spot the 9-metre-high sculpture of the Naga’s Head situated at the tip of Laem Son On. Representing intelligence and wisdom, the Naga’s Headis the iconic symbol of Songkhla and most visited out of the three parts of the Great Serpent Naga.

The Naga’s Head sculpture sprays water into mouth of Thale Sap Songkhla (Songkhla Lake) to signify the belief that the Naga sprays divine water to make people feel fresh and happyand to purify people’s mind and body. Spend time admiring the Naga’s Head sculpturebefore continuing the search for the othertwo sculptures. The upside-down u-shapedNaga’s Body or the Serpent’s Naval, whichsymbolises wealth, is located at the Sculpture Garden Chaloem Phrakiat, while the Naga’s Tail,which represents charisma and strength, can be found on the opposite side of Hat Chalathat.

Song Thale Park
Location: Laem Son On Rd; Bo Yang, Muang, Songkhla 90000 Thailand

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