Siam Amazing Park : Bangkok, Thailand

At Siam Amazing Park, the paradise of joy, there lives two inquisitive cats who are the caretakers awaiting to welcome all the adventurers to the land of wonder. There are six amazing zones in total at Siam Amazing Park. Each of these is guaranteed to waken your individual adventurous spirits to enjoy the never-ending fun.

Now jump on the back of Ranger the Whale and cruise through the famous water park which is, according to Guinness World’s Record, the largest wave pool in the world. Also awaiting are Speed Slide – a giant 7-colour slide that is as high as a seven-storey building, Si-Am Lagoon – the newest aquatic family fun zone featuring new rides from ProSlide Technology Canada, and many more.

The greatest of excitement is located in this zone as it incorporates all the world-class thrilling rides. Golden the Tiger has quietly reaffirmed with us that it is a must for those who always crave for challenges and thrills. Do not miss Vortex – the leg-hanging spiral roller coaster that is one of the 2 largest of its kind in the world, together with Giant Drop- the highest free fall ride in Southeast Asia, Boomerang – the roller coaster that has been deemed the World’s Most Popular due to its specialty in twist turns at speed of 80 km. per hour, and Log Flume – the fun raft ride ranks number one among the works by Mack Company from Germany. Highlights lie in the cruise through the tiger’s and Singha’s heads which are part of Siam Amazing Park’s landmarks.

Come with me and my buddy, Dino the Dinosaur to explore the land designed especially for those with adventure in their hearts. The highlight is Jurassic Adventure – Get on a jeep to greet more than 60 different species of dinosaurs coming from all over the planet. Don’t feed them though!

We can guarantee that where there is Willy the Horse, there will be happiness all around, coupled with fun and great experiences through the universal rides made especially for everyone in the family in the Family World. Africa Adventure – wandering into the world of Africa and get excited by more than 300 animal models. You will have a chance to meet bisons, African elephants, crocodiles, and zebras while riding in style on boats and trains. Si-Am Tower- an observatory with 360 degree view of the park. The tallest of its kind in South-east Asia. Also worth to visit include Dinotopia, The Merry Go Round, Grand Canyon Express and Big Double Shock.

Sally the Swan knows this zone inside-out. It is the realm of mini-sized rides for young children with the height of not more than 130 centimetres including Mini Merry Go Round, Play Port for climbing, Mini Motorcycles, Swan Boats, Mini Boats, as well as Mini Astrofighter, small fighting planes.

Bangkok World is situated on the land with the area of more than 27.5 acres at the entrance of Siam Amazing Park. It is where the charms and beauty of old Bangkok harmoniously merge into one. Chillaxing travelers, shopaholics, or photographing addicts have to come here at least once because it provides a solution for visitors with limited time to get a glimpse and be excited at the splendor and elegance of the architectural heritage of Bangkok in the past during its helm. What makes it special is the incorporation of the best of Bangkok in terms of food, shopping, and attractions. We bring to you amazing cultural performances from Thailand and ASEAN countries, allowing you to familiarize yourselves with Thai wisdoms shown through arts, culture and custom, as well as Thai and international cooking techniques from the experts. You can also spend some time shopping a great range of products that have been selected especially for you. Traditionally-made Thai food is available to try. Moreover, some of the best products from various community enterprises across the country are here. Stay tune for the grand opening of Bangkok World scheduled in 2021.

Siam Amazing Park is also adorned with shops, food stalls, and hundreds of activities. There is also a banquet service for those who wish to hold parties of all kinds including birthdays, weddings, small group activities, walk rallies, seminars or even activities for tens of thousands of people. We have designated a private area that can be adjusted to cater for customers’ needs.

Open Daily from 10am – 6pm

Siam Amazing Park
Location: 203 Suansiam Road, Khannayao District, Bangkok 10230 Thailand
Phone: +66 (0) 2 919 7200 Website:

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