Sern Sap Restaurant : Khammouane, Laos

Sern Sap Restaurant, new in 2014, has been developed by the owner/operators to “feed” their love of wholesome local meals and the love for the Nakai area in Khammouane. The restaurant is located on an inlet of the Nam Theun 2 hydro-power project reservoir.

Wanting to make a contribution to the town’s development Tadam and Stephen are committed to providing excellent meals and service for both locals and those passing through. Their restaurant lets them do just that. Sourcing their ingredients from the local farmers and providing more reasons for the growing number of tourists to the area to stay a while longer.

We have Thai and Lao chefs who specialize in Traditional Lao and Thai Cuisine. Locally renown soups and sauces for Sin Dat, Sukiyaki, Jeo Hon and local produce artistically prepared to put a local spin on all of the dishes.

An extensive menu includes Western dishes such as Fish and Chips using locally caught fish, Chicken Salad, Thai-French Sirloin and T-Bone steaks, and hamburgers and much more.

Sern Sap Restaurant
Address: House 592, Road 1E, Ban Oudomsouk, Nakai District, 1E, Khammouane, Laos
Phone: +856 20 22 324 777 Website:

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