Sam Pan Boak : Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Sam Pan Boak, is known as the Grand Canyon of Thailand and has the biggest rock reef in the Mae Khong River It is a place to witness life on the Mae Khong River bank.

If you are a tourist in Ubon Ratchathani or if you live in Ubon it is a nice place to visit and spend a day exploring and enjoying nature. There are two ways to travel to Sam Pan Boak. The first way is to take a boat cruise for around four kilometers to Sam Pan Boak. The second is to drive, which is suitable for those who have limited time. The first route is more popular among tourists.

There is also another stop at Had Salueng where there are many restaurants and the starting place for the trip at Sam Pan Boak. During the dry season, the water reduces low enough for visitors to see Had Salueng, a sandbank on the Moon River.

Sam Pan Boak
Location: Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

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