Pramuka Island : Jakarta, Indonesia

Pramuka is an island in the Thousand Islands archipelago. The archipelago lies in the western part of the Java Sea and is located north of Indonesia’s capital Jakarta.

Pramuka Island is one of the many islands in the Thousand Islands. On this island there is an conservation education facilities of Hawksbill turtles who currently numbers very little, in there you can play and take pictures with the turtle.

Facilities on the Pramuka Island are adequate, ranging from mosques, hospitals, schools, docks, TPI (Fish Auction), villas and accommodation for tourists.

The beauty of the underwater panorama at Pramuka Island is perfect for those who love the sea world, because the coral reefs and ornamental fish here is very enchant. What’s more, you can see the monument directly below the sea and the manmade reef scenery made Pramuka Island more beautiful.

Pramuka Island
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

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