Ponleu Spa : Sihanoukville, Cambodia

At Ponleu Spa you can have the unique experience of a massage right on the beach. You can listen to the waves or follow the moon and sun while our experienced staff provides you with a relaxing, professional massage.

We are located centrally on Saracen Bay so we are only a short walk from the island’s many attractions. We are a short walk from trails through the rain forest that will take you to more of our Island’s excellent, family-safe beaches.

Our beaches are perfect for families. We have three beaches. Ponleu Spa is located on the white sands of Saracen Bay. Lazy beach and Sunset beach can be reached by paths on the Island. All three beaches are very shallow. You need to go a long way to get into deeper water. This makes our beaches perfect for children and people who just want to relax in the water.

Ponleu Spa
Address: Koh Rong Samloem Island, Cambodia
Tel: +855 882 177772 Website: http://ponleuspa.com

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