Phu Ruea National Park : Loei, Thailand

Phu Ruea National Park is a national park in Loei Province, Thailand. The park is centred on Phu Ruea mountain, a popular, scenic peak in the Phetchabun Mountains.

Phu Ruea National Park located in Loei, one of the coolest provinces of Thailand. It is rugged mountain range and also the headwater of many rivers of Loei. Phu Ruea is the highest peak of 1,365m above sea level. At the top, it is viewpoint that you can panoramically see Hueang and Khong Rivers.

More than half of the top of Phu Ruea National Park is covered with low shrubbery, grasslands and strangely formed rock formations. Due to the cool climate the area is rich in orchid species which flower throughout the year. Pha Lon Noi is good point to see the sun rise.

It is a high mountain comprised of sandy and granite. The highest peak is Phuruea. It is 1,365 meters high from the sea level. The other important peaks are Phusun, which is 1,035 meters high from the sea level, and Phuku, which is 1,000 meters high from the sea level. It is the water source of many creeks and rivers such as Huai Nam Dan, Huai Bong, Huai Thiangna, Huai Saikhao, Huai Tio, and Huay Phai which is the source of Huai Phai waterfall.

Phu Ruea National Park
Address: Tambon Nong Bua, Phu Rua, Loei 42160 Thailand

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