Phu Pha Dak : Nongkhai, Thailand

Phu Pha Dak, Scenery spot, the most unseen mist sea over the Mekong River. Sea Mist at Phu Pha Pho, Nongkhai, the sea is very beautiful.

The cliff in Ban Muang, Ban Muang, a district of Nongkhai, a tourist attraction. People love adventure. Travel to the cold mist morning. It occurs over the Mekong River two sides of ThailandLaos, especially during this period to find dense fog. For the trip up the mountain. There will be a soil ladder. On the summit, you will find a natural atmosphere, overlooking the mist as wide as the sea. Impress the visitors.

The fog here will flow to hit the two sides of the Thai-Laos waves as waves hit the shore. Overlooking the sea of 180 degrees, tourists often sit and watch the sunset. During the holidays, there are many tourists. There must be people in the navigation area because the footpath is steep. Use caution for safety. Visitors can watch from 05:00 to 09:00.

Phu Pha Dak
Address: Ban Muang, Sangkhom District, Nong Khai 43160 Thailand

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