Phu Chi Dao : Chiang Rai, Thailand

Phu Chi Dao is located 8 km away from Phu Chi Fa. This is about 200 meters higher than Phu Chi Fah. The highlight here is the view of the sea fog & beautiful sunrise, the view of the mountain range looks far and wide and the view of the Mekong river from the distance.

Phu Chi Dao Mountain was named to be like the well-known Phu Chi Fah so that it will catch the attention of visitors because the villager believe that the name is easy for tourists to remember. Phu Chi Dao was formerly called Pha Hua Loan by villagers because the top of the mountain does not have tall trees, but only tall grass. The new name means “mountain pointing to the stars”.

Phu Chi Dao, which forms a natural border between Thailand and Laos, stands 1,800m above sea level and is taller than Phu Chi Fa which is 1,442m tall. Phu Chi Dao is a perfect viewpoint to see a sea of fog in both Thailand and Laos.

Phu Chi Dao
Location: Unnamed Road, Po, Wiang Kaen District, Chiang Rai 57310 Thailand

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