Phra That Na Dun : Maha Sarakham, Thailand

Phra That Na Dun is a Buddhist district of the Northeastern Region as a center of people’s soul. A lot of visitors come to the temple, especially on religious holidays. Around February of every year, the people in Na Dun District organize “The Worship of the Phra That Na Dun”, the greatest event of Maha Sarakham with sacrifices for the relics, prayers, merit making, etc. The pagoda is beautifully decorated with lights. Those who visit the place will feel comfortable and relieved as well. Thus, you should find a chance to visit here once.

The area of Phra That Na Dun, a contemporary ancient city called Jambbasri (related to the tale of 4 Jampa Trees in the myth of Palam Pala ) with the Dvaravati period, is presumed to be prosperous in the period of 1000 – 1200 B.E. (Dvaravati period) and 1600 – 1800 B.E. (Lop Buri era). It was a city of religious and cultural glory with the record stating that 25 pagodas have been built inside and outside the city (At present, 10 of them have been found). At the highest point of prosperity, Jambasri became decadent and collapsed in the reign of Chao Pha Nhum Laeng La Thoranee.

For Buddhists, making merit is very important. People usually visit the holy or sacred place which is a spiritual anchor. Some pray for blessings whereas some just wished for peace and relief.

Phra That Na Dun
Address: Phra That, Na Dun District, Maha Sarakham 44180 Thailand

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