Pha Luang Waterfall Forest Park : Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Pha Luang Waterfall Forest Park is situated at Ban Na Loen, Tambon Na Loen in the area of the Pa Dong Phu Lon National Forest Reserve, covers an area of approximately 18 square kilometres. The Forest Park includes a beautiful waterfall, Namtok Pha Luang, and a field of wild flowers; such as, Eriocaulon smitinandii Moldenke, Utricularia delphinioides,Utricularia bifida including wild orchid genus like Dendrobium pulchellum and Bulbophyllum. Those flowers will annually be in bloom during the transitional period from the rainy to cold seasons between October – December.

The Park also encompasses a rock formation locally called Sao Chaliang, of which the shape looks like an ancient clay pot. The locals, therefore, have named it as Pha Mo (Mo means pot). It is a spectacular viewpoint as well. To go admiring the wild flower field and Pha Mo, visitors have to walk from the Forest Park’s headquarters for about 2-3 kilometres (accompanied by the Forest Park staff officers is recommended). A campsite is also provided for staying overnight.

To get there: From Amphoe Si Mueang Mai, follow Highway No. 2135 for about 6.5 kilometres, then take Highway No. 4001 at the T-junction past Ban Fa Huan and continue to Rural Road O Bo 4066 past Ban Pa Kung Yai, Ban Na Pong Phon to Ban Na Loen. From the local road, follow the signpost guiding to turn right for about 1.5 kilo-metres to reach the Park. The total distance from Amphoe Si Mueang Mai is about 18 kilometre.

Pha Luang Waterfall Forest Park
Location: Na Loen, Si Mueang Mai District, Ubon Ratchathani 34250 Thailand

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