Petit Temple Suite & Spa : Siem Reap, Cambodia

Petit Temple Suite & Spa reveals the Temple concept of truly man-made masterpiece inspired and influenced by the great Kings of Khmer Empire who set a milestone of buildings for thousand years of reputation as stand-still today the temple of Angkor Wat.

It provides a complete sense of hideaway for honeymooner, family retreat, or for any special occasion. It is heart and soul of the inner-beauty lady who lays down her famine feel/look of putting special attention from the Escape Hall, surrounded by moat filled with fishes, to welcome residents as a home away from home gesture.

Each distinguished guest walks through a little bridge-way to the suite room; they shall find themselves on a cause-way to the great temple of Angkor where they shall be exploring its history. “We believe the great Khmer Story be told by the great Khmer people”.

Petit Temple Suite & Spa
Address: Wat Damnak, Salakomrouk Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Phone: +855 88 857 5389 E-mail: Website:

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