Ong Temple : Can Tho, Vietnam

In a fantastic location facing the Can Tho River and decorated with huge incense coils, Ong Temple is set inside the Guangzhou Assembly Hall, and wandering through its incense-coil-filled interior is very enjoyable.

Ong Temple was originally built in the late 19th century to worship Kuang Kung, a deity symbolising loyalty, justice, reason, intelligence, honour and courage, among other merits.

Approaching the engraved screen, the right side is dedicated to the Goddess of Fortune and the left side is reserved for the worship of General Ma Tien. In the centre of the temple is Kuang Kung flanked by the God of Earth and the God of Finance.

Ong Temple
Address: 32 Duong Hai Ba Trưng, Tan An, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho, Vietnam
Phone: +84 292 3823 862

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