Nong Han Lake : Udonthani, Thailand

Nong Han is a natural source of water covering an area of more than 22,500 rai. This Lake is rich in various species of fish, birds, and aquatic plants. Its unique ecosystems are of interest to academics both Thais and foreigners who have come to continuously conduct research and study. During October to February of every year, the water lily plants in the lake will grow above the water surface, produce new leaves and buds, and bloom. The blooming season is from December to February.

Visitors can admire the beauty of the pink water lilies from 06.00- 10.00 a.m. A boat service is available at Wat Ban Diam, Mu 5, Tambon Chiang Wae. The boat rent is 300-500 Baht for 10 persons.

Nong Han Lake
Location: Chiang Wae, Kumphawapi, Udon Thani 41110

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