Nara Erawan Restaurant : Bangkok, Thailand

“Nara” Thai restaurant was founded in 2003 by a group of female entrepreneurs.The restaurant name “Nara” comes from the name of one of the founder, Narawadee Srikarnchana.

“Nara” restaurant is renowned for its Boat Noodles and authentic Thai dishes. The a la carte dishes derived from authentic recipes which have been adapted into a modern context suitable for Nara’s dining ambience.

Evoking a sense of culture as well as comfort, “Nara” combines the highest quality ingredients and age old recipes, thus, in this regard “Nara” is truly Thai in spirit.It is a restaurant where anybody; whether local, expatriates or tourists, with a passion for Thai food can experience authentic Thai cuisine in a relaxed ambience with good service.

Nara welcomes diners to experience the unforgettable journey of Thai taste with our friendly service to make your dining a memorable one.

Nara Erawan Bangkok
Address: Lower Ground Floor, Erawan Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: +66 (0)2 250 7707-8 Mobile: +669 224 81482
Email: Website:

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