Napokae Local Cultural Learning Center : Phatthalung, Thailand

Napokae is located in Amphoe Khuan Khanun, this is a learning centre for the Phatthalung people’s traditional way of life. The name “Napokae” comprises the word “na” or paddy fields in Thai ,and “pukae” (oldgrandpa), which the Phatthalung people pronounceas “pokae”.

The Centre was initiated by adopting King RamaIX the Great’s ideas to create jobs and careers. In particular, the King’s Sustainable Economy Philosophy has been applied in this edutourism attraction. Visitors learn about farmlife, the traditional method of rice cultivation and local food.

Napokae Local Cultural Learning Center
Location: 456 Moo 6 Makok Nuea, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung 93150 Thailand

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