Namtok Ton Chong Fa : Phang Nga, Thailand

Ton Chong Fa Waterfall is located in Baan Bang Nieng of Keung Kak Subdistrict and is away about 12 kilometers from the National Park Office. The waterfall is situated among a large plentiful forest within the nature reserve Khao Lak Lamru National Park. You can go trekking, bird watching and camping since it is suitable for those who are favor of adventure activities.

The most beautiful season is the period of December to January because of the large volume of water and safety. The waterfall consists of 7 levels; however, most of tourists usually go up to the fourth level. The first level is 50 meters high, the second level is 40 meters high and the third one is 50 meters high. Beneath of the three levels lies ponds that tourists can go swimming. For the fourth level, it is up to 200 meters high which is the waterfall cascading from the steep cliff at 60° angel.

In the period of June to October of which the time of the large volume of water, you can only go up to the fourth level due to the fast-flowing current. Taking only about 30 minutes, you will reach the fifth level of the waterfall. There is the waterfall flowing from the 100-meter-high cliff with its surrounding filled with a lot of plants and high moistness. You have to go trekking about 3 hours to reach the six and the seventh levels which is suitable for camping; however, it is better to have a guide leading to the levels, on the way, you can see footprint of tapirs, Black Hornbill, Great Hornbill and other little birds. Also, a number of orchid flowers such as the white Dendrobiumanosmum, the Blackberry Lily, and so on can be seen in the dry season.

You can camping there but you have to take your own tents.

Namtok Ton Chong Fa
Location: Khuekkhak, Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82190 Thailand

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